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Kamisaka Sekka

Kamisaka Sekka Japanese Woodblock Prints Free CC0 High Resolution Woodblock Prints

Kamisaka Sekka (1866–1942) was one of the most prominent artists in twentieth-century Japan. Although he was born in a Samurai family, he eventually chose to become an artist. During his trip to Glasgow World's Exposition in 1910, he was exposed to Art Nouveau, which later influenced his works. Upon returning to Japan, he started to blend Western art with traditional Japanese art by applying western styles and methods to Japanese subject matter. With this newfound style and his active cooperation with other artisans to integrate his works into ceramics and textiles, Kamisaka became one of the pioneers of modern design in Japan. We have digitally enhanced some of his notable works and made them available for you to download and enjoy under the creative commons 0 licenses.