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COVID-19 Effective Messaging Images

COVID-19 Effective Messaging Design Resources

rawpixel has collaborated with the Behavioural Sciences team at Hill+Knowlton Strategies to create COVID-19 design resources which resonate best with the public. Taking public health advice and testing variations of these, we conducted a behavioural sciences study to reveal which Covid-19 messages are best at changing people's attitudes. Using the most effective messaging and the data from the study, we have created for you design resources to bring these messages to life. The study revealed that appealing to people’s good nature and sense of community are the most effective ways to communicate crucial public health messages.

Other key insights included :

• Washing your hands for 20 seconds is an effective stand-alone message, but the likelihood of people washing their hands increased by 8% when messaging explained how washing your hands helps others (up from 54% to 62%)

• Over a third (35%) are less likely to touch their face if the message and imagery evokes emotions such as fear or disgust

70% of respondents are very likely to follow advice for self-isolation if the messaging makes it clear that doing so will protect them and their families

• Vividness of imagery is key to changing intentions and behaviour especially for social distancing when a graphic, photo or illustration can clearly demonstrate a message