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Wildflower Paintings by Mary Vaux Walcott

Mary Vaux Walcott Wildflower Watercolor Paintings Free CC0 High Resolution Illustrations

Hand drawn flower illustrations by the "Audubon of Botany", Mary Vaux Walcott (1860–1940). Mary was a female American artist and naturalist known for her almost a thousand watercolors of North American wildflowers. She started experimenting with painting flowers at the age of eight. During her family summer trips to the Rocky Mountains of Canada, she developed her interest in botany and painting. Mary Vaux Walcott and her brother also studied mineralogy. Her success in painting a rare blooming mountain arnica encouraged her to concentrate on botanical illustrations. Mary Vaux Walcott also became an active mountain climber and photographer because she spent many years exploring the difficult terrain in the Canadian Rockies. As a remarkable botanist artist and an unconventional woman, she was elected as the president of the Society of Woman Geographers in 1933. We have digitally enhanced hundreds of her wildflower watercolor paintings into high resolution printable quality. They are free to download and use under the creative commons license.