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Jan Toorop

Jan Toorop's Art Nouveau Posters & Paintings FREE CC0 VINTAGE and RETRO ILLUSTRATIONS

Jan Toorop (1858–1928) was a 19-century Dutch-Javanese painter who extensively experimented with different artistic styles ranging from Realism, Impressionism, Symbolism and Art Nouveau to Pointillism. He was famous for using highly stylized slim figures and dynamic lines that were influenced by Indonesian motifs and curvilinear lines. His most famous poster artwork “Delft Salad Oil”, commissioned by The Dutch Oil Company, became so iconic that the Dutch Art Nouveau painting style is given the nickname "the salad oil style". Despite the fact that Toorop's expertise was in producing designs for marketing and advertisements, he also produced a number of fine art pieces that dealt with darker subjects including the human physche and emotions. In this collection, we've curated some of his best printable high quality public domain illustrations and drawings for you to download for free under a Creative Commons 0 license.