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Paul Klee

Paul Klee | Bauhaus and Abstract CC0 Public Domain Artworks Modernism Designs and Paintings

Enjoy spectacular artworks by Paul Klee (1879–1940), the father of Abstract Art and a central figure of the Bauhaus movement. The Swiss–German artist began his painting training in 1898 in Munich and later involved with the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter, founded by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. Influenced by Cubism and Surrealism, he is best known for minimal stick figures, abstract forms, vivid colors and his usage of symbols drawn from imagination, poetry, music, literature, and the world around him. In 1920, Walter Gropius invited Klee to teach at the Bauhaus, where he became one of the most celebrated teachers. His artworks later inspired the next generations of artists and designers including Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, and Mark Rothko. We have digitally enhanced some of his well–known public domain art pieces. They are available to download and use under the CC0 license.


"The more horrifying the world becomes, the more art becomes abstract." – Paul Klee