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Ottoman Tughra of Sultan Süleiman

Ottoman Tughra of Sultan Süleiman the Magnificent I Calligraphic CC0 Artworks

Tughra - The Insignia of Sultan Süleiman the Magnificent (1494-1566) is an Ottoman calligraphic emblem. It has three vertical shafts and two concentric oval loops on the left, with the name of the sultan and his title and the phrase “the eternally victorious”. A court artist was designated to draw the undecorated Thugra while an illuminator assisted with the exquisite decorations, such as the naturalistic flowers and harmonious lines. The Tughra was included in all official documents as the stamp of the sultan’s authority. It was used on royal decrees, endowment papers, correspondence and coins. We have digitally enhanced this beautifully decorated signature, and it’s free to download under the CC0 licence.