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Richard Roland Holst

Richard Roland Holst Symbolist Drawings & Paintings I CC0 Artworks

Richard Roland Holst (1868-19368) was a man of many talents, an author, sculptor, etcher, glass painter, professor, illustrator, lithographer, furniture designer, painter, draftsman, muralist and more. Born into a wealthy Dutch family, he still had an understanding for the life of the working class. A trend among young artists in the Symbolist movement was to convey social messages and not only focus on monetizing. Holst used his social commitment in his art as well as politically in the Social Democratic Workers’ Party. As a professor at Rijksakademie he promoted his artisanal and ethical ideology to his students. He believed that art had an important role to play in society as it had the ability to reach the whole population. We have digitally enhanced some artworks from this socially engaged artist. These public domain artworks are free to download and use under the CC0 license.