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Goyō Hashiguchi

Goyō Hashiguchi Ukiyo-e Nudes, Women & Landscapes I Japanese CC0 Art

Goyō Hashiguchi (1880-1921) was a Japanese scholar, artist, Ukiyo-e woodblock printer, and a Samurai's heir. He was trained in traditional Kano painting by his father, and later studied western oil painting at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. He was encouraged by, and collaborated with shin hanga publisher Watanabe Shozaburo. Goyo portrayed women in intimate settings including at the bathhouse, hot springs, powder room, and in the nude. He was a perfectionist and only published 14 prints in his lifetime, these are among the finest and most highly priced Japanese modern prints. We have digitally enhanced a selection of his public domain sketches and prints. They are free to download and use under the CC0 license.