The Grammar of Ornament

The Grammar of Ornament is the masterpiece of Owen Jones (1809-1874) a British architect and one of the most influential design theorists of the 19th century. Owen travelled to many ancient cities throughout Europe and the Middle East collecting inspirational ornamental designs. The result is one of the finest graphic design books ever produced. We hope you enjoy our high resolution digital version produced from our original chromolithographic antique book.

"True beauty results from that repose which the mind feels when the eye, the intellect, and the affections, are satisfied from the absence of any want."

- Owen Jones, Grammar of Ornament

Ornament of Savage Tribes

Egyptian Ornament

Assyrian and Persian Ornament

Greek Ornament

Pompeian Ornament

Roman Ornament

Byzantine Ornament

Arabian Ornament

Turkish Ornament

Moresque Ornament from the Alhambra

Persian Ornament

Indian Ornament

Hindoo Ornament

Chinese Ornament

Celtic Ornament

Medieval Ornament

Renaissance Ornament

Elizabethan Ornament

Italian Ornament

Leaves and Flowers from Nature