Rawpixel Free Image License

Image licenses

At rawpixel we are on a mission to create the best design resources for everyone. We own all the content we produce and have obtained all the necessary model and property releases so you can feel safe using our resources for both personal and commercial projects.

Rawpixel free image license

You can use any of the rawpixel free images that you download from rawpixel.com for personal and commercial purposes. However, the image copyright is still the property of rawpixel, so you cannot resell, redistribute or claim the image as your own.

In order to protect our models and our brand, images can't be used in any way that is unlawful or would imply the endorsement of either rawpixel or our models.

Here are some examples of what you can and can't do with our free images:


  • Put it on your website or blog
  • Use it as part of an advertising campaign on any media
  • Make alterations to the image, e.g. add your logo or a caption
  • Not worry about model releases. We have legal model releases for any recognizable person, allowing for commercial use of the images
  • Use it in a print run of any size
  • Incorporate the image into your merchandise - as long as the image itself is not the merchandise!
  • Print it onto a canvas for your own use or to give to your friends/family
  • Share the image with others using our links – and we'd love it if you did!


  • Claim the image as your own
  • Sell or redistribute the image. If you would like to pass the image to someone else, share our link so they can register and download it for themselves
  • Add the image to any stock site. You are welcome to add it to another free image site but this must be through a link. Users must download the image from us at Rawpixel.com
  • Sell a printed version of the image
  • Use it in any way that a reasonable person would see as offensive, libelous, obscene, immoral or illegal
  • Use it in a manner that infringes someone else’s trademark or intellectual property.

Should legal action ever become necessary (and we hope it doesn't), the matter would be resolved in UK courts.

And of course, if you still aren't sure, just ask us.

Public domain images

We believe in creativity for everyone. That’s why we are making thousands of historic images we have acquired, scanned and digitally enhanced from the public domain available to everyone with a CC0 license. Images that are available with the CC0 license are clearly marked with the CC0 license on the image download page, all other images on this site are the copyright of Rawpixel and can only be used in accordance with our Rawpixel Free Image license above.

The CCO license means:

  • Free to use for any legal purpose.
  • Suitable for personal and commercial projects with no need for attribution. Although we always appreciate it when you can.

Visit the official license page to learn more about the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Although we are careful to only release copies of images that we believe are out of copyright (in the public domain) it is solely your responsibility to ensure this content is ok to use in your country, suitable for your application and does not infringe any rights.

Copyright law is different in every country, and it is the law of the country where you are using/displaying the image that you must comply with. We have used the copyright law of the UK to decide if an image is out of copyright. Most countries, such as Canada, the US and countries of the EU, have similar or shorter copyright periods than the UK, but there are a few countries where the copyright period may be longer than the UK or the rules are different to the UK. It is your responsibility to check that these images are no longer in copyright in the countries in which you plan to use the image. If you would like any further information about an image please email us at contact@rawpixel.com.

Rawpixel premium images

We are working on our premium image collections and will soon be able to give you the option to subscribe to licence premium images directly from rawpixel.com. But for those who can’t wait we have added a selection of our premium images that you can purchase from Creativemarket.com. If you wish to purchase a premium image you will be taken to the creativemarket.com website to make the purchase and download the image. As you are purchasing the image from creativemarket.com your use of the image must be in accordance with the creativemarket.com terms and image licence.
If you need any help, just get in touch: contact@rawpixel.com