Rawpixel Lifetime Premium Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms

    1. What these Terms cover.
      These are the specific terms and conditions (Terms) for our Lifetime Premium Membership. These Terms are in addition to our standard Membership Terms and Conditions and Image licenses. If you become a lifetime member you must also read, agree to and comply with:
  2. About the Rawpixel Lifetime Premium Membership

    1. As a Lifetime Premium Member you will have lifetime access to the Premium Membership Plan. The Premium Membership Plan allows you to make unlimited downloads from our premium and free image collections, for personal or commercial use in accordance with our Premium Image License.
    2. The Lifetime Premium Membership provides one user membership and can be taken out for an individual or for a company, it is for one user and is non transferable.
    3. If you wish to purchase a Lifetime Membership for a company you must enter the company name as the name of the membership account and also enter a company email address. This membership allows one employee to use our Premium Membership Plan, you can pass the membership plan to a subsequent employee, but it must only be assigned to one employee at any time. Multiple lifetime memberships must be purchased if you need more than one employee to be able to use our images.
    4. We may revise these Terms or make changes to the Lifetime Premium Membership or Premium Membership Plan. Clauses 7.2 and 8.2 of our standard Membership Agreement provide further information on what will happen if we change these Terms and Clause 8.7.2 outlines whether a refund will be due if you wish to cancel due to a change in our Terms. We may also introduce new membership plans, products or services which may not be included in the Rawpixel Lifetime Premium Membership.
  3. How long does the lifetime membership last?

    1. Once you have made your one off purchase of the Lifetime Premium Membership, your Lifetime Premium Membership will last until the earlier of,
      1. your lifetime (if you are an individual), or
      2. The lifetime of your company (i.e. until your company ceases to exist for whatever reason, which may include dissolution or liquidation), or
      3. for as long as we continue to provide the Premium Membership (see 3.2 below), or
      4. the membership is terminated for any reason under clause 8 or clause 9 of our standard Membership Agreement, including Rawpixel ceasing to trade/ceasing to exist.
    2. If your Lifetime Premium Membership ends only because we are no longer providing the Premium Membership Plan (3.1.3 above) and is still trading:
      1. if we are providing an alternative membership plan or service that we think is a reasonable alternative to the Premium Membership Plan we may change your Lifetime Membership to the alternative membership plan.
      2. if we do not change you to an alternative membership plan we will refund you the difference between the amount you paid for your Lifetime Membership and the amount you would have been charged for annual Premium Membership for the period you have been a Lifetime Premium Member.
      3. you will still be entitled to use all images you have downloaded whilst you were a Lifetime Premium Member on existing and new projects in accordance with our Premium Image License for the remainder of your/your company lifetime (subject to clause 3.1.4 above).
  4. About the lifetime membership offer

    1. We are initially only offering our Lifetime Premium Membership to 500 members, the first 50 memberships will be available for just $499 (plus applicable taxes), the following 150 memberships for $1,000 (plus applicable taxes) and the remaining 300 memberships for $2,000 (plus applicable taxes). We may decide to change these prices in the future, offer discounts and/or sell a higher or lower number of Lifetime Premium Memberships.