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Changing the face of stock photography

We believe everyone deserves inspirational design resources and that we should use our creativity to do good. Instead of building walls we want to celebrate the incredible diversity of the world around us and unite people to make a positive impact on each other’s lives. So, we have challenged ourselves to photograph people from every nation in the world and share the results with you. To achieve the biggest possible impact we have decided to make these portraits available to everyone with our commercial license.


With your support we’re really excited to see how this project can evolve. Help us spread the word - with every share, we’ll donate one dollar to Hope for Children.

We hope you enjoy the portraits as much as we do.

Nation #20 France

Nation #19 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Nation #18 Finland

Nation #17 Thailand

Nation #16 Norway

Nation #15 Russia

Nation #14 United States

Nation #13 Namibia

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