Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you help me find the right image for my project?

Absolutely, our team of curators will happily help you find the perfect images for your project to meet your brief.

Do you offer single image purchases?

We believe we can offer the best service through memberships. If you require a one time purchase simply upgrade to a monthly paid plan, enjoy the benefits for the entire month and cancel anytime before the next billing period.

Can I use your images and designs to sell on t-shirts, prints and other merchandise?

Our license does not allow items for resale when our content is the major design element or feature. If you want to use our content for prints or other merchandise you must add considerable artistic value to make it your own original design.

Please email for further guidance.

Do you offer team accounts?

We do not offer team accounts at the moment. Our licence is per user, please purchase one membership for each member of your team.

Can I use rawpixel content in a logo or a trademark?

It is not recommended to use our content in a logo without making considerable changes to the original design. Since rawpixel retains the copyright to all content you are unable to trademark rawpixel content.

What’s the difference between your free image license and public domain images?

We retain the copyright for all images marked with our free license. Although you are free to use this content for a variety of different purposes including commercial use, certain uses are not permitted. For example you are not allowed to resell these images or add it to a site where it can be freely downloaded. We care about the rawpixel community and our models and you are therefore unable to use this content in a way that is offensive or would imply the endorsement of either our models or rawpixel.

Visit our License page to learn more.

Your Content is Great! What makes rawpixel’s images so unique?

We have a different approach. Instead of competing with each other our team of amazing photographers, artists and graphic designers work together to create the best design resources in the industry.

How can I contribute to rawpixel?

We are continuously looking for the most talented artists to either join our team or to collaborate with. If you believe you can bring something special to rawpixel send us your portfolio to

If you have any further questions we’d love to hear from you. Email